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Casino Tips

Casino Tips

What to Wear

What to wear? The casinos in Europe, though not as formal as they were in the days of Victoria, still require, by and large, a minimum of coat and tie. If you like dressing up in evening clothes and putting on the dog then Monte Carlo is your place, as are some of the more chic English clubs or the private circles in France.

However, if you're less formal, then come as you are to Nevada, where casual is the word. Comfortable clothes are all that is expected. If you want to dress up, fine; if you don't, that is fine too. Bring what you like and wear it.

When packing for a Las Vegas sojourn, which means you are from out of town, are going to be here for a few days, and probably are staying at a hotel, then make sure you bring appropriate evening wear. Entertainment is the be-all and end-all in this town, and if you want to wear your best this is the time to do it. Further, make certain you bring your swimsuit (every hotel has at least one pool), plus some cool clothes for the day and something to wrap up in at night (it's a desert climate, hot days, chilly nights), and some good walking shoes (you'll be on your feet a lot). Bring a pair of sunglasses, some shorts, and plenty of suntan lotion too.

The Dealer: Your Friendly Enemy

Another problem players often face is how to relate to the dealer. As mentioned above, there are friendly dealers and unfriendly dealers. Really, dealers are just people. Players tend to project their fears or authority hand-ups onto the man who runs the game, and this is accompanied by unnecessary fantasy and paranoia. The dealer is just someone trying to make a living. He's fast with cards, maybe went to dealer's school, has kids, pays taxes, and has as many headaches as the rest of us. To make him bigger than life is an unfortunate mistake, just as thinking he's out to get you is utter foolishness.

In other words, the way to deal with the dealer is to think of him as an employee of a casino, one who is given a good salary to play his best against all comers. He does not, for the most part, act on a personal basis, and if by chance it becomes apparent that he does, one only has to move to another table.

If the dealer is friendly, be friendly back. There are many gamblers in Las Vegas who return time and again to the same table, not only because they think it's lucky but because they enjoy the dealer. If you find a dealer you like, stick with him. But remember, no matter how affable or accommodating he seems, he's still on payroll to the house, which means he's still out to beat you as often and as soundly as he can.