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Online Casino Laws Revised in State of Alderney

To keep up with the United Kingdom's new Gambling law, the State of Alderney has revised its online casino laws.

Alderney had announced that the e-Commerce division, through the guidance of Alderney Gambling Control Commission, has completed the revision of their online gambling laws.

The new law is a combination of previous ordinances of online gambling ordinances and a modernized option of licensing.

According to the new provisions of the law, the online casino licenses for poker rooms, online lotteries and sportsbook, whether it is in mobile handsets, on the net or other platforms will have an annual fee of 70,000 UK Pounds.

Those online game sites that are already licensed in Alderney will still have the benefit of absence from casino taxes.

With the new law, the Gambling Commission is now in charge of writing all regulations, instead of amending them, said an Alderney legislator.

The new policy permits the casino operators e-gaming equipment for a minimal fee everyday instead of an annual fee for casino license.

According to the Alderney Gambling Commission, they are confident that the new gambling polices will attract new casino operators and will boost the legality of online gambling.

The commission is glad to announce that current operators are pleased with the new online gambling policies.