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Selecting The Right Online Casino

Many Online Casinos continue to populate the internet with their various attractions and come ons. An estimated 50,000 people sign up everyday to try and hit the big jackpot. With many online casinos popping up almost everyday, how does one determine the right casino to join?

Largest Payouts

Many people automatically sign up with Online casinos that offer the biggest jackpot. What many people are not aware of is that there are certain terms and conditions one has to comply with in order to win the jackpot. These may include playing a certain number of games in a specific time period. Aside from that, most online casinos assail potential players with all kinds of marketing hype and claims just to attract them to their site. One tip for confused players is to check the internet for advise columns and places that offer unbiased findings on casinos that claim to offer the biggest payout. These sites may offer the actual payout amounts of each casino.

Review before downloading the software

Majority of the casinos have the option to show the potential player a preview of how the casino looks online as well as the user interface and different games available before downloading the software to sign up and play. This is a good thing for players who want to "scope out" the casino without having to pay to get in. For some people, the appearance of the casino may be more appealing for it may make them feel more comfortable playing there than other casinos that have bland appearances. Potential players should also look at customer feedback and ratings of the site before continuing.

Withdrawal Procedure

An important factor to think on when signing up with an internet casino is to find out the actual time it takes to process and claim winnings. Traditional casinos would only pay out once a month but this has now been removed and many now offer weekly collections. Some even offer instantaneous payouts.

Customer / Player Support

Another factor in choosing an internet casino to play in is the ability to be able to contact a person who can help with any problem or inquiry. Most online casinos offer a support page that list phone numbers to call. Try to look for online casinos that have a 24 hour customer support line so that any problem or concern can be dealt with right away.

As the onslaught of online casinos continues, new laws and regulations emerge in order to help keep malicious and fraudulent practices out of people who want to have safe, clean fun online.

But this practice of having toll-free numbers has also changed. Most casinos seem to have changed from toll-free to call-back or online customer service. Either of these is adequate, but it's advisable to try them before you need to use them. Many casino now don't do customer service in-house, but out-source tit to dedicated call centers. The staff may not be all that knowledgeable about internet gaming - so try the service before you become a big or regular player.

Regulation and Licensing Issues

There is no real law requiring a casino to be licensed, so it is really an issue of "voluntary compliance"- if a casino wants to build a reputable long term business it will do what it can to be appropriately licensed and regulated.

As the industry grows so more requirements are being put in place in terms of licensing and regulation zones throughout the world. Kanawhake in Canada, Cyprus, the Isle of Man, Gibraltar, etc have all evolved into safe and secure licensing areas. Supported by dedicated governments, this has resulted in safe game play and restrained eagerness conduct in the industry.

A good indicator of the internet casino's willingness to comply to regulation is the presence of an eCOGRA Seal


The big guys tend to denominate the industry. They have the money and resources to deliver a good playing experience so choosing one of the biggies is usually a safe bet.