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The Three Backgammon Game Plans

Backgammon is a board game with checkers and dice. The object is to be the first to bear off the checkers from the board. This game of logic naturally requires tactic at every moment and game plans or strategies overall to win a game. There are three basic game plans in backgammon. These are attack, block, and run.

The attack or attacking strategy aims to aggressively keep your opponent out of the game while you bear in or move your checkers to your home or inner board. Your intention is to hit blots whenever you can while working to build blocks on your home board. A block is a point that is occupied by two or more of your checkers that your opponent can't bear on to. The game plan is to keep on hitting your opponent's blots and continuously placing them on the bar, barring them from the game.

The block or blocking strategy aims to prevent your opponent from bearing on points by creating a blockade. That is an arranged series of blocks that your opponent can't move on to. The ultimate blockade is called a prime which is six consecutive points with each point having two or more of your checkers. When your opponent has a checker behind your prime, that checker cannot make any legal moves unless your prime is broken.

The run or running strategy is typically executed when you are ahead in the game or when you have fewer points to cover than your competitor before you can bear off. As opposed to the attack and block strategies, the game plan here is to have little interaction with your opponent's checkers when you're so close to bearing off. Your intention is to bear in and bear off as quickly as possible. This also applies when all your checkers and none of your opponent's checkers are in your half of the board and there is no chance for contact.

Backgammon is a game of logic which requires tactic at a moment and strategy for the long run. There are several strategies in backgammon, and these variations have roots from three backgammon game plans: attack, block, and run. You can maintain opponent interaction with the attacking strategy or the blocking strategy. You can minimize opponent contact with a running strategy. Whatever game plan you use, winning depends on how you utilize each of its strong points to beat an individual opponent in a backgammon game.